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Northwoods Community of Christ Celebrates

A Two Day Grinch Night Who-bilation Celebration!

The Who-bilation started out on Saturday, December 15, where congregation members were invited to dress like a Who or the Grinch, and members voted on the best costume. Nobody was disappointed to say the least! Best Who Costume went to Angie Eliason while Best Grinch Costume went to Phill Greer. Food was prepared and all brought food to share for a Grinch like Roast Beast Feast. Everyone got very creative with lots of green, Grinch like foods and treats! A couple of reindeer games were played and then we all watched the Jim Carrey version of Dr. Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas.

The fun continued on Sunday, December 16, where we enjoyed more reindeer games during Sunday School. Who-bilation Celebration games included the Who-“ball”ation Frustration, Throw the Rings over Max’s Reindeer Antlers (played by Pastor Steve!), a rousing game of Grinch Trivia, and we ended with a Grinch’s “Heart Grew 3 Sizes” Gift Exchange, where everyone went home with a wonderful and thoughtful gift! Soon after the reindeer games were over, our worship service began with great praise music by Russ and Colleen Hancock. Wendy