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This year's Mission Center Conference was a Spirit-filled weekend! Members and friends met in Apple Valley for a Coffee Talk Friday evening, an intergenerational discussion about what and where we feel called, and a productive business meeting. For details about the the business meeting, check out the Conference Brochure. Saturday evening was capped in service, as a crew went to Feed My Starving Children to package food to be sent to families around the world.

From left: Evangelist Connie Lane-Lindeen, High Priest Alison Woods, High Priest Karen Hill, High Priest Wayne Rogers, Apostle Robin Linkhart, Evangelist Gary Elrod, and High Priest Chris Davisdon.

Arguably the most moving was a farewell challenge from Alison Woods, who steps down from the Mission Center leadership team at the end of the year. She re-wrote the words to Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" to share her hopes for Karen Hill, Chris Davisdon, and Gary Elrod, who were each ordained into new offices. But not only did Alison's words challenge Karen and Chris as they step into the office of high priest and Gary into evangelist, but they also spoke directly to each worshipper. Each of us is called to be vulnerable, honest, and ready to serve as we unfold God's plan.

And through it all, may we all sing, "Hallelujah!"

Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen. (copyright 1984) Tune of G Major/Instrumental

Words by Alison Woods

Well Karen and Chris and Gary

You are called with the Gifts you have inside

From a God of amazing love and passion, for you.

To strengthen and direct your purpose

To be about Christ’s mission

Not only in words but in your actions.


Acknowledge the Spirit in our midst

Be vulnerable and teachable

Be honest about your walk with Jesus, with us.

Serve us, but when you need help

Let us walk together

Through the valleys, shadows and mountain tops.


Tell us the story of Jesus

And how it is written in your life

Into your story, your heart and servant-hood

Our world has too many jagged edges

Sharp angles and harshly drawn lines

And needs your compassionate leadership.


When we live in community

Everyone follows and everyone leads

We all sing together “Hallelujah”

You lead on behalf of the whole

And in return, sustained by the whole

Forgive and find peace in one another’s journey.


May the Lord grant you wisdom

Peace as you share God’s word

Follow God’s will with courage, Hallelujah

Live your faith in humility

Patiently comfort all persons

Together unfold God’s plan in love, for one another


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