International Headquarters

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If, for any reason, you have a need to contact our mission center leadership team please find their contact information and geographical location below.

Mission Center Leadership:
Chris Davisdon: Dubuque, IA
Karen Hill: St. Paul, MN
Delores Schiefelbein: Beloit, WI
Joel Trinkle: Apple Valley, MN
Abby Coppock: Secretary
Connie Lane-Lindeen: Evangelist
Jeri Grigg: Evangelist
Gary Elrod: Evangelist
Chris Davisdon: Gathering Ministries
Liz Trinkle: Invitational Support Minister
Cluster Ministers:
Andrew Martens: Twin Cities, MN
Chris Davisdon: South WI and North IL
Colleen Hancock: West central WI
Sara Gustafson: North MN
Mission Center Historian:
Dan Kelty: Minneapolis, MN

To sign up for our mission center updates / prayer list use the link below:

Headwaters Church Updates

Any of the underlined names are hyperlinked to their direct email addresses.  If you are not sure who to contact fill out the below message box and your email will go to the leadership team.