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Peace Club

Stop. Think. Peace!

This is the message Community of Christ congregation in Minneapolis spread to neighborhood children this past August through their Peace Club. The congregation opened its doors four nights over two weeks to engage with children in peace-building activities. The Peace Club focused on peace in a different parts of our world: peace for your self, peace for each other, peace for our world.

Kids and adults alike joined together to create crafts, watch puppet shows, eat together, and talk together about how to make a more peaceful world. In a world of distrust and division, we could all use the reminders that the Minneapolis congregation shared with the children!

"Let us then pursue what makes for peace and for mutual upbuilding."

-Romans 14:19

Peace for our world

When we care for the animals and creation, we spread peace!

The Peace Puppets shared ways for us to spread peace! Neighborhood police officers were on hand to connect with kids and to share ways for us to keep peace with our friends.

When we celebrate who we are, we spread peace!

Each of us is a unique individual loved by God,

and when we embrace that and live into our best selves,

together we create a beautiful tapestry!

Want to know more about how to start a Peace Club in your neighborhood? Contact Susan Rasmussen or pastor JoAnne Kelty of the Minneapolis congregation.

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