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Spectacular 2018: ST( )RY

Who is writing your story?

Who are you listening to when you write your story?

Where is God in your story?

Holly Caskey led a crew of twenty-one campers and nine staff to Graceland University for a week of sports, adventure, community, and worship. We began each day by worshipping with over 1,300 others from around the world, each delegation sharing their voices through songs, skits, and prayers. We then explored new and familiar territory in adventure classes. We chose between wood burning, making jewelry, painting, pottery, playing disc golf, conducting experiments at the pond, and working out in Zumba or yoga. After lunch, when we weren't participating in Quiz Bowl, softball, soccer, volleyball, ping pong, or basketball, we were encouraging our fellow campers.

Really, the best people to tell you about SPEC are the people who lived it! Check out comments from campers and staff below! And the next time you see someone who attended SPEC this year, ask them...

What's your ST( )RY?

If you still can't get enough, check out this video created by SPECTACULAR staff:

Questions about SPECTACULAR? Know somebody who you think should attend next year? Contact Holly Caskey (2018 delegation leader) or Paige Warner (2019 delegation leader).

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