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Coffee Talk: Southern Cluster

On March 24 the southern cluster met with the Mission Center leadership team for the first “Coffee Talk.” While I cannot vouch for the quality of the coffee, the conversations were excellent! About 25 people from Beloit-Janesville, Madison, Milwaukee-Wauwatosa, and Rockford met with Karen Hill, Alison Woods, Paige Warner, Gary Elrod, and Connie Lane-Lindeen at Beloit, where the congregation did a wonderful job of hosting. It has been several years since we’ve had a cluster gathering and it was so good to be together and to catch up on what has been going on in our congregations as well as having the opportunity to share the journey and worship together. Unfortunately, weather concerns kept Lancaster and Soldiers Grove from joining us.

Thad Corless, representing Madison, shared the discerning process their congregation has gone through to determine the focus of their mission. As a congregation they brainstormed ideas which were then grouped according to theme. After much dialogue, small group meetings, and intentionally participating in spiritual practices including prayer beads and journaling, they felt led to focus on wholeness of mind, body, and spirit. They are continuing to discover what this will look like in Madison and how they can involve the community.

Brian Fuller, who was recently baptized as a member in the Milwaukee-Wauwatosa congregation, shared his faith journey with us. Brian g