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Christ is Alive!

Christ is alive! Let Christians sing.

The cross stands empty to the sky.

Let streets and homes with praises ring.

Love, drowned in death, shall never die!

This hymn is one of many beautiful songs that speak to us as we speak to God in this Easter season. How many Christians sang this song of joyous worship after walking through the wilderness of Lent? Did you sing it with your congregation? Hum it as you walked your dog?


Women and men, in age and youth,

can feel the Spirit, hear the call,

and find the way, the life, the truth,

revealed in Jesus, freed for all!

Churches across the Headwaters Mission Center celebrated Easter with breakfasts, egg hunts, and music. From the Milwaukee-Wauwatosa congregation, which celebrated with breakfast, special music, and an Easter Egg Hunt, to the Minneapolis congregation, which celebrated with cookie decorating and a breakfast open to the neighborhood, we felt the Spirit among us!


Christ is alive and comes to bring

good news to this and every age;

till earth and sky and ocean ring

with joy, with justice, love, and praise!

The empty cross announces victory! The empty tomb testifies that Jesus Christ is our risen Lord! May our discipleship proclaim the living Christ! Alleluia! Amen!

Here we stand, as Christ leads us all into daring adventures of joy, justice, love, and praise!

Excerpts from Community of Christ Sings "Christ is Alive" Hymn 473 and Community of Christ Easter Sunday Ideas.

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